The Coursing-Championship Opening is on Friday 07:00 pm.
The Coursing starts on Saturday and Sunday at 08:00 am.
Vet Check is 0ne day before your dog start from 04:00 to 06:00 pm.

Organization:Federation Cynologique Internationale ( F.C.I. )
FCI-Delegate:Mr. Steinar Mathisen (Norway)
Organizer:Deutscher Windhundzucht-und Rennverband e.V.
Organizing Club:Windhundrennverein Greppin e.V.
Coursing manager:Bernd-Michael Rahms
Location:Peninsula Pouch, 06774 Pouch, Germany
GPS coordinates: N 51° 37. 822 / E 12° 23. 206
Date:22.06. / 23.06.2013
Type of Coursing:FCI-Coursing Championship with CACIL award
Regulation:F.C.I. Regulations for International Racing and Coursing
Closing date:Sunday, 12.05.2013 / 24.00 clock detail
Messages:The message is sent to the respective national associations!
Messages are in by the national association
Block made??!
Individual messages are not accepted.
Registration address:B. - M. Rahms, Clara-Zetkin-Str.14, 06803 Greppin, Germany
Tel.: 0049 (0) 3493-9290410,
Registration fees:30.00 Euro per dog, will be transferred from the national association, total
Windhundrennverein Greppin e.V.
Account Number: 1168533 bank code number: 800 937 84
IBAN : DE 56800937840001168533 BIC : GENODEF1HAL
Volks-und Raiffeisenbank Halle
Payment of the entry fee by the team leader of the country is possible on site.
Dog breed classification:
Saturday, 23.06.2013:Afghanen, Azawakh, Deerhound, Greyhound, Saluki, Sloughi
Sunday, 23.06.2013:Whippet, Barsoi, Chart Polski, Italien Greyhound, Magyar Agar, Irish Wolfhound, Galgo Espaniol, Pharaoh Hound, Podenco Ibicenco, Cirneco del'Etna, Pod.Canario
Coursing beginning:8.00 Clock am
Vet check:Dogs that run on Saturday: Friday from 16.00 to 18.00 clock
Dogs that run on Sunday: Saturday from 16.00 bis 18.00 clock
The veterinary inspection can only take place on the day before
the start.
Distances:500-700 m for small breeds / 800-1000 m for all other breeds
Terrain:Natural grass
Hare drag:Towing artficial lure hare
Doping Controls:Pursuant to § 1.10 of the FCI regulations occur doping controls.
Veterinary legislation:Entry into Germany is allowed only if the dog
an EU passport with proof of a valid rabies vaccination
and a microchip identification or a
clearly readable tattoo has!
Admission:Maximum of 6 dogs per country per race and gender.
The champions of the previous year can be outside this
Quota start.
§ 4.10 Int. F.C.I. Regulations:
When starting from a breed dogs less than 6, there
no claim to the title. In special circumstances
the FCI / CdL delegate in consultation with the
Judges decide to award the title yet. Wherein
Start of less than 4 dogs is no title in the race
awarded. The dogs have the last 2 without coursing
Disqualification be gone. A disqualification between
Deadline and European Championships include participation
at the European Championship from!
Muzzles:Mandatory for all races except for Italien Greyhounds!
Prices:Red pennant for the title of winner.
Prizes for places 2-6.
Liability:Neither the organizer nor the officials are responsible for all
accidents Dog owners, the dogs or the officials.
Limitation of liability extends to the case of run away dogs.
Shall also be liable to the owner of a dog when
his dog during a run coursing injury
another dog. In all other cases
the owner is liable for his dog (under § 1.11.FCI-Reglem.)
Camping:For caravans, campers and tents from Thursday to
Monday. Toilets and water are available,
However, no power supply. Cost: 30,00 Euro
Reservations for camping